Episode 10 – Two trumpets and locust

In this episode, Larry talks us through two more trumpets and John’s vision of locusts. It should be noted that Two Trumpets and Locust would be a great heavy metal band name.

Episode 9: The seventh seal and the start of the seven trumpets

Larry finishes off the seven seals as we talk through the vision of a pause in heaven, then we move on to the first four of the seven trumpets.

Episode 8: The interlude

Episode 8 has Larry talks us through the interlude of chapter 7. John is seeing 144,000 sealed with a list of the tribes of Israel that has some quirks and a great multitude as well.

Episode 7: Seven seals and a Millennium thrown in too

Our seventh episode has us talking about the seven seals in Revelation 6. Sure we also make seal noises but we do actually talk about the seals and why we need to understand our view of the millennium before we can move through a discussion on the messages of the seven seals.

Episode 6 – Millennium and Raptures, Oh My!

To talk about the rapture we first have to discuss the different views of the millennium, so Larry starts this podcast off with a discussion of the millennium and then we double back to the views of the rapture from the various common perspectives. Steve makes a bad joke about wanting to be Han and or even Princess Leia at one point.

Episode 5: Jesus on the throne, the lion and the lamb

In this episode Larry talks us through Revelation 5 and then the 7 bowls as well.

Episode 4 – The vision of the throne

Sure it’s Steve’s favourite passage, but it’s an important message to the 1st century church as well…

Episode 3 – The churches

Larry highlights three of the churches that John was intimately familiar with and the message that Jesus has for each.

Episode 2 – Revelation 1

Larry leads us through the start of Revelation where John sees something that he just can’t explain other by an encounter with Jesus…

Episode 1 – It’s a pod and our Revelation overview

As we kick off our new podcast, Larry gives an overview of the book of Revelation.