Micah 3 – Must we do this?

Larry talks us through Micah 3 and God’s persistent call to his people.

Micah 2 – God’s still calling

Larry takes us through God’s repeated calling of his people in the 2nd chapter of Micah.

Micah – 1

Larry takes us through another prophet who spoke against the nations of Israel and Judah – Micah.


Larry takes us through Obadiah and reminds us of its relevance for today

Amos 8 and 9: Just and Merciful

Larry reminds us that God is both just and merciful, and encourages us to mindful of both aspects.

Amos 6 and 7

Larry reminds us through Amos that God is not to be trifled with.

Amos 4 and 5 – It’s coming

Larry draws some uncomfortable parallels between Israel and we here in North America.

Amos 2 and 3: The mirror

Larry draws parallels between Amos chapters 2 and 3 and where we are today.

Amos 1 – A bullseye over Israel and Judah

Using the Prophet Amos, Larry shows us how God placed a bullseye over Israel and Judah.

Time after time: Joel 3

Larry takes us through the 3rd chapter of Joel shows us how seems to jump around in the history of Israel.