Amos 2 and 3: The mirror

Larry draws parallels between Amos chapters 2 and 3 and where we are today.

Amos 1 – A bullseye over Israel and Judah

Using the Prophet Amos, Larry shows us how God placed a bullseye over Israel and Judah.

Time after time: Joel 3

Larry takes us through the 3rd chapter of Joel shows us how seems to jump around in the history of Israel.

The prophet Joel

Larry talks to us about the prophet Joel and how his message resonated throughout the New Testament. 

Jonah – the grumpy prophet

Larry talks about our favourite prophet – Jonah

Hosea 13-15: The end

Larry takes through the last 3 chapters of Hosea with that reminder that we aren’t all that different from the Northern Kingdom.

Hosea 10-11: Justice and Mercy

Larry talks us through Hosea 10 and 11, emphasizing that this is a Holy God we serve who balances grace and justice.

Hosea 7 to 9

Larry talks us through Hosea 7 to 9 with the sober thought that we have much in common with the northern kingdom.

Hosea 5 and 6 – We’re not all that

Larry reminds as we look at Hosea 5 and 6 that we’re not all that different than Israel that was about to be taken into captivity.

Hosea 4

Larry talks us through God’s message to the Northern Kingdom through Hosea.