Esther 7 and 8

Haman’s never saw it coming…

Esther 4 and 5

Larry talks us through Haman’s pride and previews the coming fall.

Esther 3

For such a time as this…

Esther 2

Larry leads us through the 2nd chapter of Esther and the importance of it for the rest of the book.

Esther 1

Larry introduces to the Book of Esther what God was doing in Persia

The Inter-Testamental Period

Larry talks to us about the Inter-Testamental period and the writings that were produced during this time, including the uses of these books in New Testament passages.

Nehemiah: the end

Larry concludes our time in Nehemiah.

Nehemiah 10 and 11

Larry prepares us for the conclusion of Nehemiah

Nehemiah 9

We catch up to the right chapters finally and here’s chapter 9.

Nehemiah 6 and 7

Larry leads us through chapter 6 and 7. Steve actually didn’t lead us astray this time.